Monday, 14 March 2011

Helping Hand - Answers

On Friday I launched a new feature, Helping Hand, inviting you, my lovely readers the chance to ask for help with a part of your planning that was causing a little headache.  Obviously my biggest fear was that nobody would ask for help but thankfully Stacey left a comment!

Stacey said -
I'm stuck with original ideas for table decorations that I can make myself. I did think about an arrangement of foil-wrapped truffles on skewers but wondered if anyone could suggest anything else as i'm not sold on it really! My colours are ivory and dark green if it's any help!!

My first idea was to make peppermint creams in green and white.  These could be heart shaped and served in glass dishes or wrapped in cellophane bags if you needed individual favours.

My second idea was to make tissue paper pompoms in green and ivory.  However I was not sure if the table decorations needed to be edible!  The tutorial is for bigger pompom flowers but you could adjust the sizing to use them on your tables.

Now I ask my fab readers to offer Stacey some more ideas for table decorations to fit her green & ivory theme. 

Thank you.


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