Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Baby It's You

I never had a baby shower, not one, and I have had lots, well five, children! I think baby showers are still relatively small business in the UK but certainly in the US they are big business.  Just imagine a party all for you and that big bump, an afternoon of tea in vintage teacups and slices of delicious cakes or perhaps you prefer a more glamorous occassion, with non-alcholoic cocktails, maybe a little champagne, heavenely nibbles and the chance to dress up a bit. 

Inspiration courtesy of Celebrations at Home

Tomorrow I will bring you product inspiration for hosting your baby shower.


Charlotte, Cottontails said...

Dear Zoe,

I just found you through a retweet (I think anyway - the internet is such a maze these days!)

I enjoyed both your posts about baby showers and thought you may possibly like my website - http://www.cottontailsbaby.co.uk

I don't do baby shower things as such, but lots of lovely baby things. Mainly French and Danish.

Anyway, I haven't actually been to a baby shower either. (Haven't actually even got my own baby!) but I quite often sell things for them...

Good luck with your lovely blog.


Mermaid said...

Thank you Charlotte for your comment and for sharing your website with my readers and me. It's gorgeous! I am always thrilled to find a fabulous selection of items that include gorgeous pieces by UK designers/makers.

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