Monday, 11 October 2010

Sparkles and Secrets

I am sure once you have brought your dress your thoughts will turn to accessories.  Obviously the style of dress you have choosen will perhaps determine your choice of jewellery and hair accessories, but it can all seem a little overwhelming as there is so much to choose from.  Panic over, a group of jewellery designers have joined forces to help you.  They have collaborated to bring you the answers to the questions they are asked time and again when helping brides and grooms to-be choose the perfect accompaniment to their dream dress or wedding outfit.  Through their new blog the jewellery designers will showcase the latest designs and trends and share insider tips from the industry experts. 

So if you have choosen your dress and now need some help in choosing your jewellery pop over to visit Sparkles and Secrets

And if you would like to know a little bit more about the designers behind Sparkles and Secrets you can read their interview on Beyond Beyond stationery designers blog. Read the Q&A session here.

{photo credit Jonathon Ryan of}

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