Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Cocktail Party

It's time to polish that silver cocktail shaker and find your Martini glasses from the back of the cupboard as the party season has arrived.  I'm sure we all have a favourite cocktail or maybe you love experimenting with different flavours.  My favourite is a Vodka Martini but I would love you to share your favourite recipes! So if you are planning a cocktail party or attending one here are some gorgeous finds to help that party go with bang.

I'm a huge fan of these coaster invitations from Aliroo
 They make more of an occasion of a drinks party at home.

An LBD is essential!

Or how about green for a change?!

A clutch bag is essential.

Fabulous jewellery is a must.

from Eni

And of course a cocktail shaker is compulsory.

So chin chin and enjoy!
Don't forget to share your favourite recipes in the comments!

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