Tuesday, 7 December 2010

If I Was Kate

As we all continue to wait with baited breath to see who Kate Middleton chooses to design her dress I am thrilled to continue our little game of make believe.  Todays guest is Sophie from Cards by Sophie, a stationery designer offering several fabulous collections for your wedding day.  Sophie has recently launched her new website and Cards by Sophie now offers greetings cards aswell. So let's see what Sophie would choose if she was Kate.

Dress from Alan Hannah

Sophie says 'After all you've got to have a bit of colour!'

Bracelet from Bridal Designs

Of course a stationery designer would design her own stationery!
Staionery from Cards By Sophie

And a cake from Alice Rose

Thank you Sophie for sharing, these are all fabulous choices.

If you are planning your wedding be sure to visit Cards By Sophie for beautiful, handmade stationery.

1 comment:

Loulabelle said...

I love that dress! Definitely fit for a princess :o)

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