Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Royal Wedding Memorabilia

In amongst the guessing of who is designing Kate's dress, which tiara she will wear,  there are hoards of memorabilia being brought to remember the occassion.  I am sure my mum still has the mugs she brought for my sister and I back in 1981 when Prince Charles married Lady Diana and I know I still have the special commemerative coin from this occasion.  But what posseses us to rush out and buy something that has little style just to mark the Royal Wedding. Thankfully we have moved on in the style stakes and are blessed with fabulous indie designers who have produced new products especially for the Royal Wedding.  Here are my selections of memorabilia from UK designer makers that I would buy!

I love the graphics of this print from Taylors Type

This is very clever.
Very witty!


Storeyshop said...

Love your finds! Especially Bear Graphics' print. Very cool. I was scrolling down feeling the Royal Love only to spot my card at the end, too. Thank you!

Sakura Jewellery said...

Fantastic selection! Indie designers do it SO much better :)

Anna x

susan taylor said...

great off-beat collection, love the Bear Graphics too. Thanks for including my print.

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