Saturday, 30 April 2011

Trends from the Royal Wedding

Yesterday I was awestruck as I watched two people, so obviously in love, vow to love and honour each other. As Kate walked the long aisle of Westminster Abbey in a dress designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, she was breathtakingly beautiful.  The delicate lace sleeves, the tiny buttons running down her back, the three metre long train, the fitted bodice, the unfussy veil and the Queens intricate diamond tiara.  Her sister, Pippa, looked stunning in her cowl necked Sarah Burton dress in white, perhaps an unusual choice for a bridesmaid, but just worked perfectly with the beauty of the day.

image source -  BBC News

The aisles of Westminster Abbey were lined with trees and the scent of Jasmine and Lily of the Valley filled the air.  Again the beautiful simplicity was perfect.  Of course the granduer of the carriages as the happy couple and their immediate family travelled back to Buckingham Palace added that pomp we expect from a Royal wedding and the enormous wedding cake ensured the many guests received a slice.  But even the cake was delicate in the piped details.  For me it was the understated beauty of the details that made the whole wedding absolutlely stunning. Eveything seemed to seamlessly fit together and made me smile, cry and cover me in goosebumps!

The Royal Wedding will play a huge role in promoting the British Wedding industry and will dictate trends for many months to come.  So here are my thoughts on what we can expect to see over the coming months and even years.

Couture Lace Cake from Peggy Porschen

Lace - This is already a very popular choice and will be used throughout themes, whether in stationery or the way a cake is iced to the dress itself. 

image scource - Pinterest

English Garden Flowers - Pretty bouquets of pretty handcut flowers, jamjars filled with Lily of the Valley, delicate blooms handtied and adorning aisles or tables, the essence of relaxed English flowers.

image source - Top Topiary

Trees - Now I am not convinced about this idea and I am sure florists the length and breadth of the country are now in fear of trying to manovere huge trees to  venues! Yet the smaller option may continue to prove popular with small potted bay trees decorated with tiny lights and strings of pearls and lace would add opulance to many themes.

image source - Style Me Pretty

Bridesmaids in White - This seemed an unusual choice as white is the colour reserved for the bride, but we have to agree Pippas dress was simply beautiful. I think there will be a a rise in this choice of colour for bridesmaids but am sure that with colour blocking still trending for the summer we do not have to worry about neutral weddings taking centre stage in theme choices.

image source - Pinterest

Grace Kelly & Vintage Style Icons - There have been numerous mentions that Kates style was reminiscent of the beautiful Grace Kelly.  I adore the glamour and beauty of vintage style icons and think the look of Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn and many other beautiful ladies from the past will be instrumnetal in styling for the bride.

image source - Pinterest

Green - For the dinner dance hosted by Prince Charles, Pippa Middleton stepped out in a stunning Temperley London gown in the most amazing shade of green imaginable.  Green is my favourite colour, in all it's hues so of course I now want this dress! I am sure this colour will prove popular amongst bridesmaids over the coming months.

image source Zoe Clark Cakes

Cakes - I loved the way Foina Cairns had constructed such an enormous wedding cake.  With a solid tiered base to then build the main five tiers the cake was intricately iced with a floral and garland pattern, adorned with leaf trim of icing and sprigs of Lily of the Valley sat prettily in the curves of the tiers.  I think cakes will be decorated with more intricate piping and perhaps designers will play with the construction of the tiers.  I also believe there will be an increase in the demand for a second, non-traditional cake.  William's chocolate Mcvities cake was in the words of Roald Dahl 'splendiforous'.  I am sure there are now many grooms planning their own cake and why not? You can never have too much cake!

image source - Daily Mail

Classic Cars - Hooray for British classic cars, Wills looked at ease whisking Kate away from the manic day as he drove his dads Aston Martin Volante.  My husband and I are huge fans of classic cars, from VW Campers to E type Jags, to bug eyed Sprites and my all time favourite, the Citreon DS.  Grooms will be booking classic hire cars to drive themselves to the ceremony and will then swiftly whisk their new bride away for a quick spin. 

So will you be taking inspiration from The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge in your wedding planning?

Enjoy the weekend


Isa Maria said...

I love this, such a great perspective and a breath of fresh air to read about how the royal wedding will influence future wedding trends rather than just a rehash of what took place. Well done! I loved the balance between simplicity (flowers, tiara + veil) and the more intricate detailing on the dress and flowers. So beautiful.

gabrielle said...

I love it, these are exactly the thoughts I was having yesterday while being glued to the TV for hours! The only thing I haven't managed to see yet is Pippa's evening dress, I wear loads of green so v keen to take a look. Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn are two of my favourite style icons and I love how Sarah Burton took inspiration and made it up to date.
Great post, Zoe!

Alexica said...

Great collection of observations. I also liked that Pippa was wearing white. It is often said that for guests or wedding party it is inappropriate to wear white or black. Why not? It is so elegant. Here is our observations on trends:

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