Friday, 19 November 2010

If I was Kate.....

Royal Wedding fever has hit after the Royal family announced Prince William's engagement to Kate Middleton earlier this week.  I can only imagine the planning involved for such a major event but thankfully Kate will have alot of support in planning her wedding. However I am sure her parents company Party Pieces will not be supplying paper plates for the wedding of the decade. But who will Kate choose to design her dress, style the event and make the cake?  Whilst we wait with baited breath for these important decisions to be made I thought we would have some fun here at Inspired Celebration and ask wedding professionals and vendors what and who they would choose to make their day fabulous if they were Kate or William.

To get the ball rolling here are my choices and of course they are British.

Image courtesy of Halfpenny London first featured in my article for Try Handmade

I would have Kate Halfpenny, of Halfpenny London, design a beautiful gown for my wedding day.

A vintage styled headband from Chez Bec

And at least two cakes from Little Venice Cake Company

Bunting and union jacks.....

As for entertainment I would have to choose Jamie Cullum

So who or what would you choose? If you are a wedding professional, wedding vendor or bride to be and would like to pretend you are Kate please get in touch!

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