Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Tiararama Couture

Tiararama was founded in 2005 by jewellery designer Suzanne Laughlin, creating fabulous, often theatrical bridal accessories.  Couture design has always been the foundation of Tiararama's philosophy, helping brides create an unique tiara.  At the end of October Suzanne launched the Tiararama Couture label to coincide with the launch of it first ever dedicated collections for 2011.  The couture service offers clients a high quality boutique experience in their West London appointment room, working closely with clients from the initial design appoinment through to the wedding day and beyond. 

Tiararama Couture ensure that the clients personality, face and body shape are all considered in the design process aswell as considering the decorative style and theme of the actual wedding day.  After the initial consultation a set of designs are drafted and can be refined to meet the clients expectations before the piece is created.

Tiararama understands that not everybody wants to comission a bespoke tiara or hair accessory, hence the new 2011 collections.  These new collections for 2011 have been inspired by the seasons and move away from traditional tiara shapes.  The seasonal collections are -


A mix of soft lines and textured pieces in floral and natural forms to represent emerging shoots and flowers


Beautiful ball forms of curled wire in freshwater pearl and Swarovski crystal to represent hydrangea floral motifs, large flower shaped designs and textured headbands. The designs are simple, soft and have a light feel whilst retaining a dramatic quality.


Warm golden tones and pearls are used in heavily beaded designs to form the basis of this collection to reflect the soft, warm but fading light of the autumn months interspersed with dramatic and bright shapes representing the joy of fireworks.


Snow and Ice are the basis of this collection. The snow represented by white Swarovski pearl with silver lined seed bead accents and the dramatic lines of ice represented by Swarovski’s sparkling Crystal and White Opal beads.


Suzanne believes that every bride should receive exceptional service, whether they buy from one of the collections or commission a design by Tiararama Couture and even offers brides the option of customisation on pieces brought from any collection.
With such fabulous designs I am sure that Tiararama can offer you the perfect hair accessory for your wedding day, or even a special occassion, as we know tiaras are no longer limited to wedding days.

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just beautiful. x

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