Tuesday, 30 November 2010

If I Was Kate

Today I am thrilled to introduce you to Lou, of Met My Match wedding blog, who is busy planning her own DIY wedding.

We are all incredibly pleased and excited to hear that Wills has popped the question, particularly us brides-to-be and wedding pros. We haven’t had a Royal Engagement for some time now so this is just what the UK and our gossip mag culture needs. I shall be marrying my Prince next June, or should that be frog?!? Either way, we can’t wait to walk down the aisle in our brand new togs after (what will be) a two year engagement.

I suspect that one of the joys of being a Royal is a large disposable income; there will be none of that saving malarkey for the blue blooded couple! We’ve been squirreling pennies away for some time now and our little budget has actually helped to shape the style and theme of our big day. We’ve gone all DIY and opted for a village hall affair with a retro twist. I love our theme but I have to admit that if I had a budget like Kate’s, our big day would certainly be very different…my guest list would triple for one! If I had more money I wouldn’t have to demote anyone to the evening list and I’d ensure that everyone was able to bring their plus one.

Everybody loves a grand wedding venue and I’m not different. If I had reliable regal connections I would have loved to have said my vows in the RAF Church, St Clement Danes, on the Strand in London. Imagine how fantastic it would be to emerge from this imposing church perfectly positioned in the middle of the road for all of London to see, plus it would allow me to stay true to my days in the Air Training Corps.

I’d have a fleet of vintage Routemaster buses transport all of the guests and an army of vintage black London taxi cabs take the entire wedding party to a reception at The Imperial War Museum in London, where their Large Exhibits Gallery can cater for up to 400 people

I’d enlist an “Oooooooh Britannia” theme (rather like “Cool Britannia, but with more flair and retro styling), complete with masses of Union Jack bunting and lots of red and blue bridesmaids dressed in matching Dessy ensembles; style number 6553 in flame red and sapphire blue would be perfect, simple and chic.

And then there’s me… I would drape myself in a super posh frock by Johanna Hehir, her Giovanna dress with a blue sash would be fantastic (and if I had a whopping sapphire like Kate, the colour detail would compliment it nicely). Caroline Costigliano is another fantastic designer who is perfect for big budget brides. Her Legacy dress and Beautiful are both superb.
With regards to the big day gems where else could you go other than to the Queen’s jeweller, Mappin and Webb?!? Their collection of solitaire diamonds is simply stunning.

Beautiful blooms by Robbie Honey in shades of red, white and blue would be on the agenda, as would gorgeous letter press invitations from Hello Lucky. I just love their London collection.

The cake would have to be by the uber talented Peggy Porschen, I love her Rose Explosion, but I would tweak it to match the red, white and blue theme.

After a fish and chip supper I’d like to get everybody dancing around the imposing V2 bombs and gigantic tanks, something that I’m sure Main Events could do as the organisers of Jitterbug parties, or perhaps the Blitz Party patrons would be keen to do a private event.

As a budget bride I have shied away from the concept of favours but if I were able to be flash with the cash I’d buy all of my girlie guests “Keep Calm and Carry On Shopping” mugs and “Keep Calm and Carry On” mugs for the chaps, as well as “When in Doubt Brew Up” mugs for the younger guests [

To top the evening off I’d have to forgo fireworks and enlist the Red Arrows for a smoke filled fly over before the summer night drew to a close… Ahhhhhhh a girl can dream!

Wow these are truly fabulous choices, carrying a patriotic theme but with style and fun. Thank you Lou.

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Loulabelle said...

No thank you! I thoroughly enjoyed pretending to be rich for a few hours ;o) xxx

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