Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Inspiration - Yellow

Dresses from Annabel & Ruby

It is such a grey day here today that I needed an injection of colour and what better than yellow.  This is a colour of hapiness, sunshine and cheers even the greyest of days. I have been reading with interest a series of posts on the Flourish Studios blog all about the pyschology of colour and writes -

"Yellow is an emotional colour. From the most delicate primrose yellow to a warm, intense mustard shade yellow exudes emotional strength, self esteem and friendliness."

Fiona, of Flourish Studios, explained in previous posts that colours fit  into seasonal groups. Yet by combining yellow with a colour from a different seasonal group can make the colour lose it's confidence and make it less appealing.  So if you are choosing soft, subtle shades of yellow keep the rest of your palette pale.

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