Monday, 10 January 2011

Rob Ryan

I am a huge fan of papercuts and screen printing and long for several free hours each week to get back to printing myself, but in the meantime have settled on admiring talented designers work.  Rob Ryan is an amazingly talented designer, artist and poet, creating beautiful limited edition paper cuts and screen prints that will make your heart melt. 

'You Are My Universe'
Papercut 2010

Rob Ryan intricately cuts his designs and words into paper creating works of art to be cherished for a lifetime.

'My Home'
Papercut 2009

Rob Ryans work is available as pieces of art and as greetings cards.

'Everything That Is'
Papercut 2009

These beautiful papercuts and screenprints would make a fabulous and unique valentines or anniversary gift.

Special Edition Ryantown 2nd Anniversary Print
Screenprint 2010

My absolute favourite

Can We? Shall We? 2010

'Can we?
Shall we?
One day, very soon
let us go away,
together just you and me.
Can we?
Shall we?
Call in sick and
travel to the sea and hold hands all day.
Can we?
Shall we?
eat our sandwiches on the train,
get drunk on fresh air
and come home tired
and never tell anyone....

{Rob Ryan}


Katie said...

Oh Zoe, you've just made me want, no NEED those Rob Ryan papercuts! They are fabulous aren't they? My husband bought me one of his books last year, perhaps I should buy him one of the prints this year?!
Great post

Loulabelle said...

Oooooh la la how gorgeous! xx

100percentdelicate said...

Theyre fantastic, I had one of his books for christmas

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