Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Aphrodisiac Cupcakes - Genii Cupcakes

As we enter February our thoughts turn to love as Valentines Day fast approaches and the old wives tale that the way to a mans heart is through his stomach, especially with these cupcakes from Genii Cupcakes.  The Hampshire based baking temptress has created three new flavours especially for Valentines day. 

After Dark Truffle Cupcakesophisticated dark chocolate cake with baked raspberries, mild honey topped with bittersweet chocolate and honey buttercream. Ancient Aztec emperor Monteczuma drank 50 gold goblets of dark chocolate a day to enhance his sexual power, but you can eat just one rich satisfying chocolate cake with a raspberry and chocolate truffle centre and the hint of honey will help “sweeten” your evening.

Stimulating Fruit Cupcakefresh strawberry and fragrant basil cake topped with balsamic frosting. Described in erotic literature as fruit nipples, strawberries are packed full of vitamin C combined with the aroma of sweet basil which is said to stimulate sex drive and boost fertility.

Hearts Desire Cupcake - dark chocolate and a hint of red wine topped with cream cheese frosting. Referred to as the ‘nourishment of the gods’ by the Aztecs and rumoured that the famous lover Casanova is said to have consumed chocolate before his conquests, chocolate is the perfect partner with red wine to stimulate the senses, increase stamina and start the dance of love.

Laura Payne, the chief baking temptress at Genii Cupcakes, explains that she wanted to create something a little bit special for couples celebrating Valentines Day this month.  So if you fancy something a little but naughty and very nice you can order these delicious cupcakes in boxes of six or twelve (£2.50 per cupcake) and this food of love can be delivered directly to the object of your desire.

To order visit Genii Cupcakes Website.

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