Thursday, 24 February 2011

Handmade Wedding Giveaway Update

Due to many people failing to claim their prizes I have now chosen new winners.  So here are the new winners -

Yarn Art - Old Skool Retro

Ring Holder - Millzy79

Fascinator - April Marie

Earrings - Twannywun

Dolly Bag - Nice & Fizzy

Bracelet - Nora

Necklace - kiki725

Placecards - Jo (Pigtails)

Personalised Wedding Favours - Active Marketing Advice

Keepsake Ornament - Fallind Dew

Clutch Bag - Lileese

The only person I do not have contact details for is Kiki725 so please can you email me inspiredcelebrations{at}gmail{dot}com. Also please could Active marketing Advice, Jo and April Marie email me as I only have your Twitter names!

Thank you


Blue Button said...

Its a shame that people didnt leave contact details. But a bonus for others.

Nora said...

Wow, thank you! Shame the other people missed out but I'm delighted to have won! Such a pretty bracelet - I can't wait to wear it.

TheCraftyBride said...

Looking forward to finding out what my brides colour scheme is and get cracking on with making.

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