Friday, 4 February 2011

Venue Friday - Romantic Escapes

Love is in the air and Valentines Day is fast approaching , so I thought I would look for some locations for a romantic getaway.  These properties from The Landmark Trust are perfect for escaping for a weekend whether it's for Valentines Day, an anniversary or just because. 

Castle Keep, Lundy - The Landmark Trust

This is a beautiful location on the tiny island of Lundy, situated in the Bristol Channel.  The island is only three miles long so the perfect escape for a romantic break.

Clavell Tower, Dorset - The Landmark Trust

Set on the wild and open coastline of Dorset Clavell Tower is an other remote location to share a romantic getaway.  A young Thomas Hardy courted a local coastguards daughter here and used the tower for a frontispiece for his Wessex Poems.

The Prospect Tower, Kent - The Landmark Trust

The Prospect Tower is set at the very edge of the gardens at Belmont Park approached through an avenue of walnut trees. 

The Banqueting House, Newcastle Upon Tyne - The Landmark Trust

The Banqueting House stands in the highest part of the Gibside Estate overlooking the Derwent Valley.  It is thought that The Banqueting House was designed by Daniel Garrett, a former assistant of Lord Burlington and was completed in 1746.

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