Thursday, 30 June 2011

Graduation Class of 2011

It is several years, well fifteen this summer, since I called my friend on her mobile as she checked our degree classifications on the board at our university. I would have been there myself but was working closer to home so couldn't return to my university city and did not want to wait for the results to appear by post.  Yesterday morning my husband woke early to log on to his universities website to check his final results, his degree classification. 

After many hours pouring over text books, working late to complete essays, attending lectures and putting together entertaining presentations, my husband can now put B.A.(Hons.) after his name.  I am incredibly proud of him as I know how tough it was, quitting his job, heading to university in his early forties, studying whilst being a fantastic dad to our five children.  Whilst I headed off to uni straight from school, aged 18, with no other responsibility than myself, he has juggled studying full time and family life to now proudly say 'I am a graduate'.

Now the next chapter begins but first it's time for a party!

So are any of you graduating this summer? Congratulations and enjoy the celebrations!

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