Friday, 17 June 2011

Pow! Zap! Gift Ideas for your Little Superhero

Bespoke Superhero Art Print by Pearl and Earl
 As my little boy nears 3, we're beginning to see a geater desire for imaginative play - currently his favourite is to ask " Mummy, you feel poorly? You unwell , mummy. I make you better". But, one of my favourites is superheroes. I'm not sure what my superpower would be, but I'd say "Pow!", "Zap!" and other cool superhero action words.

"Zap" Baby Shoes by Cream Bun Bakery
 For the littlest superhero, aren't these handmade felt baby shoes just the cutest? There's a whole host of gorgeous felt shoe designs in the Cream Bun Bakery shop, so do check it out.

Glory Mask by iwishiwasa

Super hero Dressing up Cape by Red Berry Apple
I love the riot of primary colours used in these superhero dressing up items and they're sure to inspire hours of fun and imaginative play as your little ones explore their super alter ego.

Splat! T Shirt by Lemon Tree Trading
 For superhero inspired clothing that's more suited to everyday, this t shirt, available with a variety of cartoon exclamations on is just perfect.

Todays post is written by Viv of Poppy Sparkles.

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