Monday, 27 June 2011

Heavenly Hydrangeas

Whilst I love flowers I am happy to admit that my floral knowledge is limited so I called in the experts.  Today I am thrilled to welcome Steph from Fairynuff Flowers to share her thoughts on the incredibly popular hydrangeas.  So without further ado I shall leave you in Steph's very capable hands.

image source ~ Fairynuff Flowers

As a wedding florist, I am often asked what my favourite flowers are, and Hydrangeas would be right up there (right along side Peonies of course)! They are oh so versatile, and the colours are just staggering. From the deepest purples and reds, to the brightest pinks and greens, to the pastel pretties and romantic antiquey hues. They are available from Spring until Autumn, and have a fab vase life too.

image source ~ Fairynuff Flowers

Hydrangeas can fit any theme you are looking for for your special day - choose a mass of pure white petals in mirrored cube vases for a clean and contemporary look, or mix a pink/green bloom such as "Magical Opal Classic" with "Amnesia" Roses, Stocks and some herbs in a pretty enamel jug for a perfect vintage wedding.

image source ~ Fairynuff Flowers

Per stem, they are quite an expensive flower, but with such large blooms, they do go a long way! They fill urns and large vases perfectly, look staggering in bouquets and short arrangements, but can also be picked apart and used in hair and in bottles and small vintage containers on the tables. Hydrangea also looks stunning filling the gaps of tiered cakes.

image source ~ Fairynuff Flowers

We also use lots of potted Hydrangea plants around wedding venues to make them extra extra pretty. They look beautiful in zinc pots lining stairways or along the aisle, or you can use mini plants to decorate tables outside…or even the tables at your wedding breakfast.

image source ~ Pinterest

We recently provided flowers for a wedding where the bride and groom chose to have a mass of plants (including Hydrangeas) and herbs in different pots on each table, and I must say, it is one of my favourite weddings this year. Apparently, there was quite a rush at the end of the night as the guests picked out their favourites!

image source ~ Tiny White Daisies

The wonderful thing about using plants at your wedding is that they look and keep perfectly and at the end of the day, can be taken home, or given as gifts to special guests, to be planted in the garden as an everlasting memory of your wedding day. See they really are perfect!


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