Saturday, 14 May 2011

{Gift Guide} Wedding Presents

Love Seat by The Other Duckling ~ Wine Rack by LOOP ~ Chopping Boards by The Oak and Rope Company 
Although many couples opt for a gift list, if they haven't or you wish to gift something that is more unique, then
there are a host of lovely ideas from independant designer makers. Traditionally wedding gifts were to help furnish a newly married couple's home, but with co-habiting more common, many couples already have much that they need. However, it is probably fair to say that much of what they own will be essentials or 'starter' items - that is, the more luxury or quality items are yet to be added to their home, so it is still worth looking at beautiful items for the home, taking your cues from the style evident in their home already

Typographic Artwork by More Than Words

Personalised items that provide a keepsake of the the wedding day are always popular and are sure to be well received. It can be worth checking with a close family member if you are unsure of any details, such as preferred names or spellings before committing to commissioning a bespoke piece. Alternatively, a gift voucher to be redeemed against a personalised piece will enable the couple to have a part in the design process, which is often as much fun as receiving the final gift.

Hammock by Garden Boutique ~ Cushions by Homemade Gems ~ Shelf Blocks By Sparrow Primitive

After the heady romance of courtship and engagement and the big special day itself, the real work begins, keeping that fire, passion and love alive. Gifts that promote cuddling, snuggling and romance are sure to be appreciated and become treasured favourites. I love the hammock and the potential for romantic stargazing it offers.

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