Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Showcase

Today I am excited to launch The Showcase, a gallery of images linking to products to help make your celebrations even more fabulous.  I have created 13 galleries from Cakes to Stationery and four different gift galleries, with all images linking directly to the designer or independant business.

image source - Ruffled

This gallery is perfect for designer makers and independant businesses to showcase their products, that would be a great accessory or decoration for a wedding or party, stationery or cake designs, or gifts for children or the home to name a few. 

image source - Giddy Kipper

The Showcase is an incredibly affordable option for sharing your products with hundreds of people at just £10 for three months for three images in one gallery, with discounts available if you book space in a second or third or more galleries.  To book your space in this fantastic new gallery please email Zoe for further details  inspiredcelebrations{at}gmail{dot}com

A gallery of beautiful British design and a sample of independant business to make your day even more spectacular.

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