Monday, 23 May 2011

Wreaths - An Interesting Addition to Wedding Decoration

I am the first to admit that my knowledge of floristry goes as far as I know what I like and what looks pretty, fabulous or quirky so I have called in the experts.  Claire of Lily & May has come to my rescue this month with a gorgeous post about the use of wreaths as wedding decoration and I am sure you will agree Claire's heart shaped wreaths are beautiful.  I shall now hand over to Claire.

Hanging wreaths are a great way to decorate a home or venue for any occasion. I particularly love using heart wreaths for weddings and they are becoming increasingly popular. They make a stunning focal point and can be hung pretty much anywhere. Larger hearts can be hung on church doors or from a balcony to accessorise an area that can otherwise look quite plain. Smaller hearts can be hung on the back of chairs; an interesting choice for this can be a wicker heart with a selection of flowers attached.

image source ~ Lily & May

Wreaths can be created in different ways to reflect your style, using lots of light foliage can be a great way to achieve a vintage country garden look or lots of tightly packed flowers for a more contemporary feel. Using ribbon in the same colour scheme to hang the wreath really finishes the look.

image source ~ Lily & May
Most flowers can be used for the floral wreaths although soft and hollow stems flowers can be a more tricky but most good florists can work around this but be prepared to pay extra for the time involved.  I like to recommend that they are then given to a special friend or relative at the end of the day as they can last quite a while if floral foam is used.

image source ~ Pinterest

Circle wreaths are also just as effective for weddings and can also be used for other events such christenings or maybe a special birthday.

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