Sunday, 22 May 2011

Truly Vintage Wedding Fair

I know Sundays are usually my day for sharing links to other fabulous inspiration in the blogosphere but today I wanted to share with you a vintage event in my home county of Suffolk.  With the vintage trend still very much leading the design of many parts of our lives we are seeing this year more and more weddings fairs dedicated to this particular style.  Truly Vintage is I am fairly sure the first vintage wedding fair in Suffolk and Glemham Hall is the perfect setting for such a stylish event.  With a number of businesses exhibiting on the day I am sure there will be something for everybodies take on the vintage theme.  This is the perfect opportunity to see Glemham Hall in all its splendour.  I will be visiting Truly Vintage and hope to write a post in the next few weeks about the venue. Be sure to say hello if you see me wandering around!

So if you are free on Sunday 5 June and live near enough to visit I am sure you will have a fabulous day. 

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