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Real Celebration - Lou's Hen Day

Over the past few months I have chatted reguarly on Twitter with Lou of Met My Match about her wedding next month and I am thrilled to share with you today her Hen Day.  Lou knew nothing of what her hens had instore for this special day but I know she was delighted with the outcome!  So I shall now hand over to Lou to share her Hen Day, complete with a pink routemaster bus.

For lots of ladies their Hen Do is just a great big knees up (and quite rightly so) but for me it was more… My great big girlie day signified a new beginning in my life. In just over six weeks I will walk into church a Miss and leave it as a Mrs, with new hubby firmly fixed to my side.

Although I still have some time until the big day, I began to bid my single life farewell on Saturday 9th April 2011. I opted for an early Hen to ensure that two of my very pregnant friends could come, particularly as one of them had to travel all the way down to London from Glasgow. My three bridesmaids had all conspired to create a surprise Hen Day, which actually turned out to be an all day extravaganza. They had done so very well to keep the big plan of action under their hats and I was so excited to see what they had in store.

I got up nice and early on the day to ensure that I had plenty of time to slather myself in fake tan and make-up but I hadn’t thought of how I was going to zip myself into my dress whilst all alone. After several failed attempts I hot-footed it round to my friend and neighbour Cassie so that she could secure my new black tulle tea dress by Oh My Honey. Once all my assets were firmly held in place Cassie, Laura and I shot off to one of my bridesmaid’s house to meet the rest of the Hens.

We were greeted by Hen Party banners, balloons and a lovely Bucks Fizz. As the girls started to arrive at the house my tummy knotted with excitement, there’s something so special about your closest friends and family all getting together. Whilst I popped to the facilities surprise number one of the day pulled up outside the house. I emerged to see the most fantastic big pink Routemaster Party Bus! We’d seen it at the National Wedding Show when I first got engaged but it hadn’t occurred to me that they might book it.

With a face like the Cheshire Cat I hopped on to do as any self respecting Hen would; pose, drape and lull over every inch of the bus to be papped. Everybody lapped up the photo-ops, followed by the Karaoke. We waved our way across the Thames and into the West End, where lots of tourists stood by the bus for a photo in traffic on the Strand. The party atmosphere was in full swing and the bus gave everyone the opportunity for a friendly boogie and banter.

As we came to a halt on the Strand my bridesmaids gave me a little Bus Charm to keep as a memento of the morning. Taking a moment to compose ourselves we sensibly walked into the Waldorf for a classic British Afternoon Tea, surprise number two. Already waiting for us at the table was my mother-in-law and sister-in-law-to-be, then my cousin joined us too. I felt very touched that Garry’s family had made the long journey east from Devon, funny to think that by the end of the summer we will all answer to the same surname.

We were very fortunate to have our own little area at the side of the ballroom which allowed us all to natter and swop seats without disturbing anyone. As we sipped on bubbly and nibbled away at delicious scones my bridesmaids’ gave me a Cupcake and Teapot Charm which I hung on my necklace only to find that the collection was a bit weighty altogether.

After the last crumb had been devoured and we’d had a group photo taken on the stairs of the ballroom we headed back to the Strand to grab a taxi to the third surprise of the day. Now here was when the seamless execution of ‘Operation Hen’ went slightly awry… The Slug and Lettuce just off Victoria Street decided to arrange a singles night, despite Teresa having booked an area, and didn’t inform her. We were shocked and appalled to be turned away but the bottle of free Champagne eased the pain. So we hot footed it over to a more traditional pub on Victoria Street (which was very Queen Vic-esque), and after some frantic texts met with the rest of the Hens who were joining us for the evenings activities.

Elegant teas and conversation aside, it was time for my maidens to decorate me with a veil, L-Plates and snazy feather boa. The pub actually formed the perfect backdrop for this and we ended up with our own private little area at the back. I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed being pinked-up, what Hen Do is complete without the proper regalia?!

Elegant teas and conversation aside, it was time for my maidens to decorate me with a veil, L-Plates and snazy feather boa. The pub actually formed the perfect backdrop for this and we ended up with our own private little area at the back. I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed being pinked-up, what Hen Do is complete without the proper regalia?!? 

From here we took a short trip down to Westminster Pier where we all hopped onboard of a Thames Party Boat. The boat wasn’t as big as one we’d been on previously but the intimate setting ensured that our little gaggle of girls all stayed together. We practically had the dining room to ourselves and it formed the perfect place for the mums and aunts to natter whilst we burnt up the dance floor. As I have a nut allergy my bridesmaids even brought me along a little ‘packed dinner’ (as the Boat couldn’t ensure that their food was nut free), they really had thought of everything. The bottle of free champers came in very handy for the Mr and Mrs Quiz that Teresa, Claire and Amy had put together and it would appear that I need to talk to Garry more as I got oodles of questions of wrong. I had to down lots of fizzy shots due to my lack of knowledge.

On the boat my bridesmaids gave me a Boat Charm followed by a Horse Shoe for luck. As well as this they presented me with a pot of ‘message for marriage’ from all of the Hens. It probably wasn’t the smartest idea to crack it open in my drunken state, but through blurry tearful eyes I ploughed through the funny and sweet messages. My bridesmaids had gone to so much trouble to ensure that my last big night out as a single gal was memorable and all my friends and family made me feel so special. The whole day was fun from the very start to the hiccup-ridden cab journey home from the Embankment… I’d go as far to say that it was the best day of my life (until the wedding of course).

The next day, hung over but in a less emotional state, I sat in the sun with a nice G&T and re-read the lovely message that everyone had written me. They are the perfect keepsake from the day I raised a glass to my title of Miss. I can’t wait to drink to become a Mrs at the end of June… I’m ready for the next chapter to begin…

Thank you so much Lou for sharing your Hen Day, it looks like loads of fun and that you all had a fab time!  I wish you and Garry good luck for a wonderful day next month and a very happy life together.

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Loulabelle said...

Thank you soooooo much for featuring Zoe :o) Its helped me to re-live the whole day and put a great big smile on my face xxx

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